Vibro-Consult AG


  Plant: Platinum mine (South Africa)
  Machine type: Ring engine
  Analysis: Non-contact air gap measurements during operation

  Power plant: Sanliurfa (Turkey)
  Machine type: Francis Turbine
  Analysis: strain gauge measurements generator, torque measurement shaft

  Power plant: Riddes (Switzerland), Rosshag (Austria)
  Machine type: Pelton turbine (Riddes), Francis turbine/pump (Rosshag)
  Analyses: VC baseline measurement, support during commissioning

  Power plant: Tierfehd (Switzerland)
  Machine type: Pelton turbine
  Analyses: VC base measurement, bearing analysis due to resonance

  Power plant: Aarberg (Switzerland)
  Machine type: Francis Turbine
  Analyses: VC base measurement

  Power plant: Wettingen (Switzerland)
  Machine type: Kaplan
  Analyses: Machine diagnosis before revision & control of vibration measurement chain

  Power plant: Broc (Switzerland)
  Machine type: Francis turbine
  Analysis: Vibration recordings after bearing damage

  Power plant: Bieudron (Switzerland)
  Machine type: Pelton turbine
  Analysis: VC base measurement, winding head vibrations

  Power plants: Ferrera, Bärenburg, Sils (Switzerland).
  Machine types: Francis turbines/pumps
  Analyses: VC base measurement, stator/plate pack vibrations

  Power plant: Handeck (Switzerland)
  Machine type: Pelton turbines
  Analyses: VC base measurement, commissioning

  Power plant: Etzelwerk (Switzerland)  
  Machine type: Pelton turbines/ Francis pumps
  Analyses: VC base measurement, stator and coupling problem analysis, commissioning