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10 good reasons to engage Vibro-Consult

Vibro-Consult AG - founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of Vibrometer SA - has been an independent company since 1998. There are no dependencies to other companies. All machine evaluations and recommendations are therefore based on technically sound facts and are absolutely neutral. Especially this neutrality can significantly contribute to a positive solution of the conflict in case of possible disagreements between operator and machine supplier or new equipment supplier.
Vibro-Consult AG has many years of in-depth technical knowledge in the field of power plant technology, both theoretical and practical. The main focus is on vibration engineering with investigation of the vibration behavior of power plant components such as generator-turbine groups, motor-pump groups, etc. of various manufacturers and performance classes.
One of the most important "instruments" for the vibration assessment of the machine behavior is the basic VC measurement. This is a machine diagnosis which uses vibration analysis to record the current behavior / condition of the system. It essentially focuses on the following objectives:
a) in-depth documentation of the current running behavior with development of comparative data for subsequent 
     actions, troubleshooting etc.,
b) Eruising of abnormal behavior (already in the formation phase),
c) absolute (standards based) and relative (characteristic peculiarities of the plant etc. taken into account)
     Assessment of the plant behavior and machine quality.

For larger projects, it is possible to define the contractual quality conditions for the suppliers - e.g. after the revision, after the rebuild, etc. - by means of VC base measurement. - to define. This makes the requirements clear and understandable for both parties.
The involvement of Vibro-Consult AG in revision and rehabilitation projects has an "insurance character", since all results are compared with the previous behavior (basic VC measurement before and after) in a transparent and professional manner.
With VC balancing, great care is taken not only to comply with the standards, but also to optimize the vibration behavior in the entire load area - as far as the current situation allows. As a result, the mechanical stress on the bearings, bearing pedestals, foundation, etc. can be reduced to a minimum, which enables energy production that is gentle on operations.
Vibration monitoring is designed from the beginning to meet the needs of the machine and the operation. Whether an existing or new vibration monitoring system has to be put into operation, Vibro-Consult carries this out in accordance with the standards and the machine or operating behavior. An optimal protection is guaranteed.
Vibro-Consult AG has already diagnostically assessed over 1200 machines and successfully equipped over 250 hydropower machines with vibration monitoring systems. This great experience makes it so valuable for the customer.
In case of vibration problems, Vibro-Consult AG is quickly on site and can offer immediate support in finding the cause and solving the problem, based on its many years of sound technical knowledge and preferably thanks to diagnostic measurements carried out in advance (basic VC measurements).
Vibro-Consult AG is the only Swiss SME to be integrated in the VDI standards committee (ISO standardization), where it represents the customer perspective of Swiss hydropower plants. This guarantees the customer up-to-date assessments based on the valid standards. Vibro-Consult AG itself is vibration certified according to ISO 18436.