VC-Support & Condition-based maintenance

Today power plants are increasingly confronted to distribute their work on less and less staff. In order to maintain operation, the work can be facilitated by modern technology. Nevertheless staff cannot be replaced completely.

Vibro-Consult AG gives power plant operations the possibility to support them by assessing vibration behavior monthly, quarterly or semi-annually and write the results in a protocol.

With the use of a modern condition-based maintenance system, all important machine parameters (e.g. vibration, power, temperature etc.) can be analyzed in a central system. Vibro-Consult can read and analyze data remotely, hence effort is being reduced and you get informed about the machine condition periodically. Initiating machine damages are identified early enough, appropriate actions can be planned and unplanned machine breakdowns are often avoided. If immediate support is needed, Vibro-Consult AG can read out machine data remotely and discuss further steps with you.

By support-contract the following is being defined:

  • the periods of technical support
  • the support availability (by telephone)
  • the intervention time for immediate support

A support-contract will always be adapted to the needs of the customer and to those of the machine. Giving this, you are able to run the plant securely, can identify initiating machine damages earlier and are able to take proper actions for planning maintenance, in advance.