The VC-Fingerprint Measurement (machine diagnostics by using vibration signal analysis) is a very useful and valuable tool which helps the management of the power plant to meet the targets mentioned below. Depending on requirements, up to 56 dynamic signals (vibration signals) can be recorded at the same time.

VC–Fingerprint Measurement is focused on achieving the following goals:

  • understanding and assessing the operational behavior of turbo-generator sets of a power plant throughout the entire load range
  • documentation of the current machine state and providing a basis for possible future comparisons
  • determination of the causes of abnormal behavior of the turbo-generator set and recommendations to eliminate this problems
  • establishing customized settings for vibration monitoring- and protection-systems by taking into account the safety requirements, the operational behavior, the standards and the operational behavior of the turbo generator set

In case of failure comparative data are available, which allow conclusions to mechanical, electrical and hydraulic modifications to the system and thus speed up the search for causes. The diagnosed machine behavior is recorded in a detailed investigative report (if desired can be created only protocols) and serves as a valuable documentation as needed.

Vibro-Consult AG has extensive experience in the field of machinery diagnostics and has performed vibration analysis since 1988 on over 1000 machines.

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