Vibration Protection System

For a proper protection of a rotating machine (turbine generators, pumps or converter), a good knowledge of the machine is required on the one hand and experience in using the correct layout, on the other.
This requires taking into account both the protection requirements of the machine (technical layout) as well as the customer requirements relating to operation.

Since its foundation, Vibro-Consult AG has successfully equipped over 250 hydropower machines with vibration monitoring and protection systems and also evaluated over 1000 machines diagnostically.

The customer is able to benefit from Vibro-Consult’s experience. From the moment of investigation up to the commissioning of the monitoring / protection system, including the on-site instruction and training.
The choice of vibration monitoring / protection is done on a needs-driven and vendor-independent basis.

This allows us to guarantee a reliable and safe vibration monitoring.

With the ISO certification 18436 our customers is being guaranteed that Vibro-Consult AG meets not only very high competence in the field of vibration but also complies with international standards.

Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you with the ideal offer for a modern vibration monitoring / protection system.